Latest Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 update might still brick your phone: report

The update is working for some users, but still download it at your own risk

A recent update has caused the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic to stop working. Samsung first stopped the update from reaching more devices, but now has released a new patch that should fix the issue.

The new update, version ‘GVK4,’ comes with bug fixes and improvements, the November 2022 security patch, and a “power operation-related stabilization code.” However, unfortunately, GVK4 doesn’t seem to fix the problem, and there are more reports of dead Watch 4 devices.

It’s still unclear how widespread this problem is.

However, if this gets as bad as the previous update (GVI3), Samsung might have to pull the update once again. That said, there are some users who have downloaded the new update without any issues, but definitely download it at your own risk.

A Reddit user says that Samsung will offer a free repair or a $210 credit towards the new Galaxy Watch 5 Pro for those that encounter this problem.

Via: 9to5Google