Telus discounts its 40GB and 50GB plans by $5/mo for a limited time

Telus' 40GB plan now costs the same as the $85/25GB plan

Vancouver-based national carrier Telus has discounted two of its “unlimited” plans by $5/mo and raised another by $5/mo

Telus’ $90/mo 40GB plan now costs $85, while its $100/mo 50GB plan now costs $95. Both changes are marked as limited-time offers — it’s not clear how long they’ll stick around.

The $85/40GB offer is particularly good — as far as $85/mo plans go — since it’s the same price as Telus’ $85/25GB plan, but with an extra 15GB of data. More importantly, however, is that the $85/40GB plan doesn’t have the 250Mbps data speed cap that the 25GB plan has. Instead, the 40GB plan has a 1Gbps speed cap.

If the data speed caps sound weird to you, that’s likely because they’re new. Telus added speed caps to its mobile plans back in February. On the one hand, 250Mbps is probably more than enough speed for the majority of mobile users. On the other hand, it’s yet another restriction applied to obscenely expensive mobile plans. Plus, Telus applied speed caps to its flanker brand Koodo too.

It’s also worth noting that when Telus added the speed caps to its plans, the base 20GB plan cost $80/mo. Sometime between February 17th and now, Telus changed that plan to $85/mo for 25GB — it’s not entirely clear when that change happened.

Regardless, if you’re in the market for a plan with 40GB of data, Telus’ new $85/40GB plan is an all right offer by comparison — both Rogers and Bell offer $95/mo 45GB plans, but I’d happily take $10/mo in savings for 5GB less data.

You can view Telus’ plans here.