Samsung Galaxy S22 series and Tab S8 series U.S. prices leak

The starting S22 pricing is $100 USD more than last year's model

With an imminent launch, leaks about the Samsung Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Tab S8 series keep popping up.

Samsung leaker @chunvn8888 claims that the starting USD price is $899 ($1,123 CAD).

The S21 started at $1,129.99, so it seems like much won’t change for us in Canada by this pricing. However, the S21 was $799 USD, so Samsung may raise the price in Canada like it did in the US.

Alongside the S22 prices, we’re also getting a look at the Tab S8 series, which starts at under $850 USD ($1,063 CAD). In Canada, the Tab S7 starts at $879, so we might be in for another price increase. However, we should take this leak with a grain of salt as nothing is confirmed until Samsung officially releases the device.

According to a recent leak, Samsung may unveil the Galaxy S22 and Tab S8 series on February 8th.

Source: @chunvn8888