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MobileSyrup’s Holiday Gift Guide for those working remotely [2021 Edition]

Here are the latest and greatest gadgets and gifts for anyone working remotely

We’re reaching the end of 2021 and yes, many of us are still working remotely. By now, many of us have acclimated to a work-from-home lifestyle but there are still items that can be brought into the fold to make lives easier.

Whether it be a gadget to stay organized or keep us energized, the home office of those closest to you can be improved by one of our favourite selections this year. Here’s our gift guide for those working remotely.

Thunderbolt 3.0 USB Network Hub

Someone working from home can never have enough ports in their life. Whether it’s for connecting additional devices, hard drives, or an additional monitor, more is always better. This is especially true for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air users.

Thunderbolt 3.0 USB Network Hub enables a MacBook owner to gain access to a USB-C port, an HDMI, an SD card slot, a TF Card slot, and two USB 3.0 ports. The hub is also compact enough to store away when not in use.

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Ember Smart Tempurature Control Mug

We’ve all been there. You get a freshly brewed coffee or tea and head into a Zoom call only to not have a moment to take a sip. Once out, you discover your drink is now cold. The Ember Smart Temperature Control Mug enables users to control the temperature of their drinks for up to 1.5 hours.

Using the Ember app on iOS and Android, users can set their desired temperature between 50 to 62.5 Celsius. The Ember mug will do the rest. So after that meeting that could have been an email, that next sip will still be warm.

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Insignia Blue Light Filtering Glasses

Between laptops, monitors, smartphones, eye fatigue is a real thing and is a nuisance during the workday. Even while taking advantage of Dark Mode displays, eye fatigue can set in. That’s why having a pair of blue light filtering glasses can come in handy.

The non-prescription Insignia glasses are perfect to wear when working or staring at a screen for prolonged periods of time. They come with a microfibre cloth and carrying case to store them in when not in use.

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Kensington StudioCaddy Qi Wireless Charging Stand

Desk organization is incredibly important when working from home. Additionally, having all devices charged and ready for use is just as intregal to the remote work lifestyle. The Kensington StudioCaddy Qi Wireless Charging Stand can be a wonderful gift for those using Apple devices.

This compact caddy is both a storage option for an iPad and MacBook but is also a charging bay for the aforementioned devices plus an iPhone and AirPods. Any Qi-enabled iPhone and AirPod can be wirelessly charged on the front of the caddy. The Kensington StudioCaddy also provides a USB-A and USB-C port to charge a MacBook and iPad all at the same time.

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Uplite 32-inch Standing Desk Riser

Transitioning to a standing desk can be a rather expensive commitment. Although there are many benefits of using a standing desk, there’s a lot to consider prior to making that purchase. A great gift for anyone tangentially thinking about getting a standing desk is the Uplite desk riser.

This riser supports up to 33lbs so multiple monitors can be placed on the top. It is 32-inches wide, which of course plays a part in the overall setup. What makes the riser a great addition to a remote lifestyle is its easy-to-use setup. The height can be adjusted between 4.2-inches and 19.7-inches high and features a removable keyboard tray.

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Google Home Mini

A smart home device can do wonders for those working remotely. This miniaturized version of Google’s smart home hub is a great addition to an in-home office. The Google Home Mini shares most features as the standard Google Home but in a smaller device.

Users can set reminders for calendar events such as meetings or due dates. The Google Home Mini can also answer questions, provide weather updates, tell a joke after a long workday, and complete other voice commands. The use of a Google Home Mini is exceptionally intuitive, allowing the device to become a core device in the office.

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Seagate One Touch 4TB USB Hard Drive

Storage options can be very valuable to anyone working from home. Having enough hard drive space to back up projects, files, and media can be a lifesaver. Seagate has an affordable option, providing users with 4TB of space.

This portable external hard drive is very useful for those switching between two machines. Whether it’s between a desktop and laptop, the Seagate One Touch can make transferring files less of a hassle.

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Razer Iskur Gaming Chair

Having a comfortable, ergonomic chair to work in on a daily basis can be so important. When it comes to comfort, design, and style, most lean towards a gaming chair as many companies have these components down to a science. A big name in the space is, of course, Razer.

The Iskur gaming chair is specially designed with high-density foam cushions to help align the spine throughout the day. On top of that, users will find many of the standard gaming chair features including a tilt mechanism, lift, and comfortable 4D armrests.

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