Canadian pricing and availability for Microsoft’s new Surface products

Microsoft's Surface Duo 2, Laptop Studio, Pro 8 and more are now available for pre-order

Microsoft Surface family

Microsoft announced several new products at its Surface event on September 22nd. From a revamped Surface Duo 2 to several small but important spec bumps, there’s plenty to be excited about.

Any Canadians out there interested in picking up new Surface devices will be interested to know that everything Microsoft announced is available for pre-order starting September 22nd. Customers can place order through Microsoft’s website and through major retailers like Best Buy and Amazon.

Almost all the new products will be available for purchase starting October 5th — conveniently, the same day that Windows 11 will launch. The exception is the Surface Duo 2, which won’t be available for purchase until October 21st.

Update 09/22/2021 2:05pm ET: Microsoft’s website lists the Surface Pro 8 as going on sale October 21st, not October 5th. The company confirmed to MobileSyrup that the website’s date is correct.

You can find the pricing for all the new Surface products below:

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