Ikea and Sonos launch new Symfonisk Picture Frame speaker

I really really really want to mod this

The newest Ikea x Sonos Symfonisk speaker collaboration takes the shape of wall art.

The speaker doesn’t appear to be the thinnest piece of art you might hang on your wall since it’s 6cm deep. Still, it looks incredibly cool, and it comes in white and black colour schemes. Users can even customize it with one of three images, and it seems likely that it can be modded for custom art fairly easily.

The new Symfonisk can be paired in stereo with another Symfonisk frame. However, it can’t go in stereo with any other Sonos speakers. It can still be paired with other Sonos branded speakers for multi-point audio, but the stereo effect will only happen with other Symfonisk frames.

The device also needs to be plugged in at all times, so you’ll have to find a way to hide the cable running from it if you truly want to hide it.

Inside, there’s a single speaker and a woofer. Ikea says that the sound is clear and surprisingly loud and I have high hopes for this speaker since it sits at ear level on your wall, making it easy for it to blast sound right at you. The previous Ikea Symfonisk speakers also sound excellent, so it will be interesting to test this one later this summer.

The Picture Frame is going to be available on July 15th for $249.