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MobileSyrup Mother’s Day Gift Guide [2021 Edition]

Mother’s Day is going to be here before you know it, and to help with finding the perfect present for your mom, we’ve gathered some of our favourite tech-related gifts below.

This year’s list includes pricey items like smartphones and smaller, more affordable gifts like chargers and wireless earbuds.

Mother’s Day just around the corner on May 9th, so hurry up and get shopping.

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  • A nice desk lamp

    If your mom is working from home, getting her a nice lamp to brighten up her space could be a sweet gift. High-end work lamps like the Fully Beam are great and the option to adjust brightness and colour temperature brings a lot to any workspace. That said, if your mom is more tech-savvy, throwing a smart light into a regular lamp can achieve this same feeling for less money.

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  • Apple Watch

    Apple has made the best smartwatch consistently for years and the addition of fun add-on features like Time to Walk, Apple Fitness and a wide selection of third-party apps makes it perfect for anyone looking to get into the smartwatch game. The only hold-up is that the wearable only works with iPhones, so if your mom uses an Android device, you’ll need to get her a Fitbit or something else.

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  • Echo Show 10

    If your mom lives in a house with open concept space, the Echo Show 10 is perfect since its camera can follow her around as it spins around on its base. Beyond that, it’s a premium-feeling smart display that offers all the expected features like music playback, video chatting and more.

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  • Fitbit tracker

    If you really want a wearable device to be less of a smartwatch and more of a fitness device, Fitbit takes the cake. The company offers a range of devices, like the Charge 4, that are smaller, straightforward wearables that track your steps and workouts.

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  • Fun cables

    Your mom has to charge her smartphone at least once a day, so wouldn’t it be nice if every time she plugged in her device, she thought of you? Native Union sells several great-looking charging cables that come in varying lengths for both iOS and Android phones. They might be a bit more expensive, but a nice gift should be something the person wouldn’t buy themselves, and a premium cable is a good opportunity to make that happen.

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  • Galaxy Buds Live

    If you think your mom needs a wireless earbud upgrade, the Galaxy Buds Live are some of the most comfortable earbuds our staff have ever worn. They also feature great sound, making them the complete package. Not to mention that their small size and case makes them easy to slide into a pocket and carry around.

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  • Google Nest Hub

    Google recently updated its Nest Hub with a faster processor and a new sleep tracking feature. Beyond that, it’s great for controlling your smart home, and having the ability to quickly watch YouTube while cooking if you have it in the kitchen is awesome. Not to mention you can set it up to be one of the best digital picture frames around.

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  • Kobo Libra H20

    The Kobo Libra H20 is by far our favourite e-reader thanks to its great one-handed design, waterproof build and overall ease of use. While not the smallest, most portable e-reader around, the Libra H20 justifies that extra size by working great in both portrait and landscape. Further, the wide bezel on the side with two page-turning buttons makes it easy to hold and read for hours.

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  • Pixel 5

    When it comes to smartphones, the Pixel 5 stands alone right now. It features an attractive $800 price tag, the Pixel camera and the best version of Android available right now. Pixel devices are great Android phones since they run a reasonably minimal skin of Android, making them easy to use.

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  • Shure Aonic 50 noise-cancelling headphones

    The Shure Aonic 50s might not include the best noise-cancelling of the top over-ear headphones, but they’re extremely comfortable and the sound quality is nothing to scoff at. The plethora of physical buttons on the earcups instead of touch controls makes them easy to use too.

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  • Sonos Roam

    The latest speaker from Sonos is one of the best-looking Bluetooth speakers on the market right now. If your mom is looking for a simple home audio system, pairing this with a wireless charger creates a fantastic smart speaker experience since it supports Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. There are a lot of cool Sonos-only features, as well, including a great radio station.

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  • Wireless charger

    Never has the need for wireless chargers been greater. More devices are compatible with them, so it’s always good to have a few plugged in around the house or at the office to have a convenient way to charge your devices. Apple’s MagSafe chargers are great if you have an iPhone 12, and we like the Belkin Boost Wireless charging dock for other devices since it holds your phone upright, making it harder to miss the charging area on the back of your Qi-compatible smartphone.

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