Apple’s rumoured mixed reality headset to use ultra-short focal length lenses: report

The lenses may also be made of plastic in an effort to keep the headset's weight under 150 grams

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More details about Apple’s rumoured mixed reality headset have emerged from a research note published by reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Obtained by 9to5Mac, the research note claims Apple is working on a hybrid ultra-short focal length lens for the headset. Apple reportedly wants to reduce the weight of the headset and keep it under 150 grams. For context, many existing virtual reality headsets weigh more than 300 grams. Specifically, Kuo wrote that Apple will likely adopt Fresnel’s hybrid ultra-short focal length lenses, which have improved field of via and reduced weight and thickness.

Further, Kuo believes Apple’s headset will weigh less than 150 grams, giving it a significant advantage over competing products. Along with using lenses with a shorter focal length, Kuo says Apple may use plastic instead of glass. While that would reduce the weight of the lenses, there are some possible durability concerns.

Finally, Kuo goes on to say Apple will adopt ‘Micro-OLED’ displays for the headset to compensate for the reduced brightness caused by the Fresnel lenses.

Kuo’s report on the Apple headset’s lenses is just the latest in a long line of reports and rumours about the headset. Recently, Kuo also wrote that the headset would include eye-tracking. Other details suggest we could see the mixed reality headset in 2022, and that it could cost between $1,000 and $3,000.

Source: 9to5Mac