COVID Alert update now lists dates alongside multiple exposure notifications

The CDS explains that the new system will help distinguish multiple exposure notifications and ensure people know when they've been exposed

Canadian Digital Services (CDS) rolled out a new release of the COVID Alert app that can now display multiple exposure notifications from around the same time.

In a series of tweets, CDS explained how the change would help Canadians using COVID Alert. Before the update, the app would notify people about one exposure at a time. In some cases, when someone was repeatedly exposed in a short period of time, that could mean those exposure notifications aren’t clearly differentiated. With the update, COVID Alert now distinguishes multiple exposures.

For example, CDS said that if a user got an exposure notification on the 20th and got tested on the 21st, that exposure was accounted for. If they were exposed after the 21st and got another notification on the 23rd, the COVID Alert app would display that second exposure with a new date beside it. In the same example with the previous version of COVID Alert, CDS says users wouldn’t have learned about the second exposure on the 23rd.

The change is available as part of COVID Alert version 1.1.8 (221). To check which version of the app you’re on, open COVID Alert on your phone > Swipe up or tap on the bottom bar where it says ‘COVID Alert is active’ > Scroll to the bottom of the page and look for the ‘Version.’

If your app isn’t on version 1.1.8 (221), head to the App Store if you’re using iPhone, or the Play Store if you’re using Android, and download the latest version.

Source: @CDS_GC