Bell offering new, existing residential customers a $65/20GB promo mobile plan

Customers who take advantage of the deal can do either BYOP or get a phone with the promo plan

If you’re a new or existing residential customer with Bell, the carrier is offering a discounted $65/20GB plan for you.

Listed on its website on the Internet and TV promotions page is an offer to pair a Bell Mobility line with your Bell residential TV or internet service. Those who do can get 20GB of data for just $65 per month.

Further, the promotional blurb notes that the deal is available for both bring your own phone (BYOP) customers and those looking to get a new device. It does note that Bell’s $45 connection fee applies. Unfortunately, the blurb doesn’t list any of the other plan details — instead, it lists a phone number for customers to call to get the deal.

$65 per month for 20GB is a pretty solid deal when compared to Bell’s other offerings. Currently, Bell Mobile has a $75/20GB promotional plan — both Rogers and Telus offer $75/20GB promo plans as well, but they’ve confirmed the plans will go away on January 24th. While Bell said it does not yet have an end date for its $75/20GB promotion, it’s possible it could go away around the same time as the others.

Looking past the promotions, Bell’s typical offerings include $75/10GB, $80/15GB and $95/20GB. That makes the $65/20GB look even better.

If you’ve got internet, TV or other residential services with Bell, check out the carrier’s website (the $65/20GB offer is the second card from the bottom) and give them a call to claim this promo for a really solid mobile plan.