Samsung reportedly releasing its own Tile-like Bluetooth tracker

Say hello to the Galaxy SmartTag

Samsung Galaxy Smart Tags

Alongside the Galaxy S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra, it looks like Samsung could also have plans to release a Tile-like Bluetooth tracking device in early January.

Similar to Tile’s trackers and Apple’s often-rumoured AirTags, the Galaxy SmartTag reportedly utilizes Bluetooth to connect with nearby devices, according to 91mobiles. Like other trackers, the SmartTag features a hole that allows it to easily attach to a set of keys.

According to a regulatory filing first uncovered by GSMArena, the Galaxy SmartTag is powered by a standard button cell battery, which means you’ll be able to swap out the battery when it dies. Though Tile’s more recent trackers like the Tile Pro and Tile Mate feature swappable batteries, the company’s earlier devices needed to be entirely replaced after their battery died.

It’s unclear if Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag is anything more than a standard Bluetooth tracker, however.

For example, along with Bluetooth connectivity, Apple’s Airtags are also rumoured to feature ultra wide-band technology (UWB), allowing the accessory to pinpoint its location more precisely when communicating with other devices that feature UWB.

Back in October, Samsung launched an app that aims to help people keep better track of their gadgets via Bluetooth, likely laying the groundwork for the SmartTag. A render of the tracker also recently briefly appeared within Samsung’s SmartThings app.

Image credit: 91mobiles

Source: 91mobiles, GSMArena Via: The Verge