Samsung teaser hints at upcoming Galaxy S21 launch

The teaser shows off past Galaxy phones and hints at a new one coming in 2021

Samsung logo

After a month of leaks, Samsung has finally shared something official about the upcoming Galaxy S21 flagship devices. A new teaser video shared by the company on its YouTube channel hints at the phones, but unfortunately, it doesn’t reveal anything new.

The teaser kicks off with white text on a black screen that reads “New year” then shifts to “New ways to express yourself.” The video cycles through white-on-black outlines of each Galaxy S phone Samsung has released. The outlines showcase how the design of the phones changed with each iteration.

After showing off the previous devices, the teaser notes that “a new Galaxy awaits” and then shows the year change from 2020 to 2021, with the ’21’ highlighted. That’s about as close to confirmation of the Galaxy S21 name we get, and that’s it for the teaser.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t give us any more information about the upcoming Samsung devices. The teaser also doesn’t include any details for when we can expect Samsung to announce the new phones. The Galaxy S21 is expected to launch at a Samsung Unpacked event in January, perhaps as early as January 14th.

If you want to learn more about the Galaxy S21, you can check out some of the leaked details. We’ve already seen quite a bit, including hands-on photos of an alleged S21 and a specs breakdown of the different device tiers.

Source: Samsung (YouTube) Via: Android Police