Former BlackBerry executives release Furna modular cannabis vaporizer

The company behind the device says that it's the "world's first modular" vape


While the above headline might sound like it was created in a headline generator, that isn’t the case.

Furna, a Waterloo-based company, co-founded by Steven Fyke, BlackBerry’s former technical director of design, has released what it called the “world’s first modular” cannabis vaping device.

The vaporizer features swappable, “preloaded” ovens for both dry cannabis and concentrates. The vape’s black, brushed metal design looks very similar to other vaporizer products on the market, especially Pax. However, what makes Furna’s vape different is how it allows the user to change out ovens that feature their own individual mouthpieces. The concept is that you pack different kinds of dry marijuana within these easily swappable ovens.

Each oven can also be disassembled for easy cleaning and includes a compact carrier. Further, there are colour-coded ‘Nib Packs’ the company says are designed to identify the type of cannabis in them, which have been used and what packs are ready to go.

Another noteworthy feature is a rather large 53mm long, 9mm tall dot matrix display on the Furna that indicates when the device is on and its temperature. This display is used for changing settings on the vaporizer and indicating when it’s heating up.

“If you’re a cannabis novice or even an experienced vaporizer user, shopping for vape hardware can become overwhelming,” said Steven Fyke, the CEO of Furna, in a recent press release. “Our goal is to reinvent the cannabis vaping experience by making it flexible and exceptionally easy for anyone.”

Furna says that its vaporizer can heat up in roughly 18 seconds, with a full charge lasting 20 sessions. The device’s start kit includes the vaporizer, two dry herb ovens, two Nibs, a funnel, a silicone cover, a multitool, a brush, a charging cable, three oven screens and three nib screens.

The Furna Vaporizer is currently available for $229 (currently 20 percent off) directly from the company’s website, with shipping starting on December 7th.