Shazam giving away five months free of Apple Music to iPhone users

All you have to do is identify a song with Shazam to get the five months free Apple Music

Shazam is giving away five months of free Apple Music to iPhone users who use the app to identify a song (or who just open the settings menu).

It’s worth noting Apple ran a similar deal around the holiday season last year, but with six months of free Apple Music. Still, five months is a great offer and an excellent way to start using Apple Music if you haven’t tried the service before. Unfortunately for those who have paid for Apple Music in the past, this deal won’t work out.

To get the five months of free Apple Music, simply open (or download) the Shazam app on your iPhone, open it and tap the big Shazam button to identify a song. On the following screen, Shazam offers the option to play the full song on Apple Music and right below that button it says “Get up to 5 months free of Apple Music.”

Clicking it opens a page with a ‘Try it free’ button, which then tries to open the Apple Music app on your phone. If you don’t have it installed, you’ll want to install it before you do this.

Alternatively, you can just open the Shazam settings by going to the ‘My Music’ section of the app and tapping the grey gear icon in the top-left corner. Under the ‘Streaming’ option in settings are two buttons for linking Apple Music and Spotify to Shazam, however right now the Apple Music section should offer a link to ‘Try now’ that will hook you up with five months of free music.

On Shazam’s App Store page, it notes the special holiday offer is only valid until January 17th, 2021. On top of that, the App Store page notes that the offer is available to new Apple Music users in Great Britain, Australia, the U.S., Canada and more. I was able to confirm Canadian availability on my iPhone.

Source: 9to5Mac