Samsung brings some of the Z Fold 2’s features to the original Galaxy Fold

Dual Preview, Capture View Mode, App Pair and more are now available on the original Fold

Galaxy Fold header

Samsung has updated its original Galaxy Fold with a selection of features from in its successor, the Z Fold 2 foldable smartphone.

One of these features is ‘App Pair,’ which allows you to group up to three apps together for simultaneous launch from the Edge Panel. You can also choose the splitscreen layout that these apps will open in and even arrange windows horizontally.

Additionally, the update enables the Fold to connect to a smart TV and serve as a mobile-powered PC with a Samsung DeX dock. Other new Fold features include ‘Dual Preview’ to see a preview of the picture being taken on the device’s Cover and Main Screens and a ‘Capture View Mode’ to see five photos/videos on the left side of the dualscreen setup and a preview of your next shot on the right side.

In a blog post, Samsung only mentioned that the update is coming to the U.S. next week. However, a Samsung spokesperson later confirmed to The Verge that the update was made available globally as of October 26th, so if it’s not on your Canadian Fold yet, it should arrive soon.

Source: Samsung