Withings’ new ‘ScanWatch’ fitness tracker comes to Canada

The ScanWatch is a pretty unique watch offering an analogue watch face along with plenty of fitness tracking features

Fitness tech company Withings announced that its newest smart fitness watch, the ‘ScanWatch,’ is available in Canada, Japan and Europe.

In a tweet, Withings shared a photo of the new fitness band alongside its smartphone app and the message ‘Hello Canada.’ According to the tweet, the ScanWatch will be available on Withings’ website or through Best Buy Canada or Amazon Canada. At the time of writing, the ScanWatch wasn’t on Amazon’s website, but it was at Best Buy and on Withings’ site. That will likely change in the coming days.

Withings’ fitness watches are quite unique compared to many other options like the Apple Watch or Fitbit. Instead of a full-on smartwatch, the ScanWatch is more like a typical analogue watch but with some smart features. There’s a strong health focus, with Withings touting ScanWatch’s heart health tracking, respiratory monitoring, sleep tracking and more. It can also do some smartwatch tasks, like showing notifications on a tiny digital display built into the watch face.

I’ve been a long-time user of Withings watches, although I first got into them after the Nokia acquisition. The Steel HR Sport has been my go-to fitness tracker for more than a year. Plus, it helps that the company’s Health Mate app is among the best out there. While some may not agree, I have yet to use a health/fitness tracker companion app that looks as good as Health Mate while still providing all the health metrics I need.

Unfortunately, anyone wanting to get the ScanWatch in Canada will pay a hefty chunk of cash for it. If you want to buy it from Withings directly, the company only sells it in USD. Prices are listed below for both Withings and Best Buy Canada:

The ScanWatch is available in both White and Black, and Withings sells a variety of high-quality bands to go with the watch. You can learn more about ScanWatch here.