Microsoft Translator gains support for Canadian French

Canadian French translation will come to other Microsoft translation services as well, such as those built into Office

Microsoft Translator on Android

Microsoft is rolling out support for Canadian French as a unique language option within Microsoft Translator and other related services. Canadian French will join the over 70 languages available through the company’s translation service.

In a blog post outlining the new feature, Kevin Peesker, president of Microsoft Canada, notes that adding Canadian French is an important step in making translation experiences more inclusive for French-speaking Canadians. Unlike European French, which has been available in Translator for some time, Canadian French better represents the local, more familiar tone of French spoken in Canada.

Interestingly, Microsoft says it worked with translators and consultants throughout Canada to produce models that could accurately translate Canadian French regardless of where the text originates from. Local nuances mean French spoken in Montreal can have idioms, accents and other differences that separate it from French spoken in Winnipeg, for example.

Canadian French is now (or will soon be) available in the Microsoft Translator apps, Translator for Bing and in other translation products offered by Microsoft, such as in its Office suite. Businesses can also use Microsoft’s Azure Cognitive Services Translator to add Canadian French text translation to apps, websites and more.

You can learn more about Microsoft Translator’s Canadian French, which includes an interesting look at some differences between European and Canadian French, on the company’s website.