Teksavvy now offering 500Mbps and 1GBps internet speeds

Unfortunately, the prices aren't lower than what Rogers and Bell offer

Upstart Canadian internet provider TekSavvy is finally offering 500Mbps and 1GBps speeds to its customers.

Previously the company’s offerings capped out at 150Mbps, so these new plans offer more than double the speeds.

The 500Mbps plan costs $104.95 per pay period, and the faster gigabit speed is $114.95. It’s worth mentioning that Bell and Rogers offer the same prices to their customers for the same speeds.

That said, it’s still nice to see TekSavvy offer these higher-end packages, making it easy for subscribers with an existing cable connection with the company to upgrade to faster internet.

Userzs on the DSLFourms mention that some people may need a router upgrade to take advantage of the increased speeds.

Source: TekSavvy