Philips Hue’s refreshed Iris lamp, Play lightstrips coming in October

Philips Hue will also soon feature deeper integrations with August's Yale smart locks

New York-based Signify announced a range of new and refreshed Philips Hue lights set to arrive this fall. The new lights include a revamped Iris table lamp, new ‘gradient’ light strips designed for mounting on TVs and more.

Signify plans to re-introduce the Philips Hue Iris lamp starting October 19th for $99.99 USD (roughly $131.30 CAD). The big difference here will be that Iris offers richer colours, lower dimming and an overall brightness increase to 570 lumens. It’ll also have a new fabric-wrapped cord. The Iris looks like a slick addition to almost any room.

However, the Philips Hue Play gradient lightstrip is likely the bigger announcement shared by the company. Hue Play is specifically designed to work with TVs and comes in three sizes to match different TV sizes:

  • 55-inch (fits TVs sized 55-60 inches): $199.99 USD ($262.60 CAD)
  • 65-inch (fits TVs sized 65-70 inches): $219.99 USD ($288.87 CAD)
  • 75-inch (fits TVs sized 75-85 inches): $239.99 USD ($315.13 CAD)

The Play gradient lightstrips were already on the Philips Hue Canadian site at the time of writing, although they weren’t available to purchase and didn’t include pricing.

The lightstrips wrap around the back edge of your TV and are designed to light up the wall behind the screen. It relies on Philips’ Hue Sync Mac app or the Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync box to match colours to what’s on the connected display.

Signify announced updated versions of the Philips Hue E12 candelabra bulb in ‘White’ and ‘Colour Ambiance’ with Bluetooth. There are also now bigger versions of the popular filament bulb, which will be available soon on the Hue website.

Finally, Signify announced Philips Hue and August would team up to provide a deeper level of integration between the Yale smart locks and Philips Hue lighting products. The partnership will begin later in September and will allow users to create automations that automatically turn on lights when a door is unlocked, or grant light access to guests.

Source: 9to5Mac