Nintendo reveals new Game & Watch Super Mario Bros. handheld

Unfortunately, this isn't the Game Boy Mini many were hoping for

Nintendo Game & Watch handheld

Along with revealing Super Mario 3D All-Stars and a new Mario Battle Royale title called Super Mario Bros. 35, Nintendo has also revealed a new Game & Watch handheld system set to be released on November 13th.

While the handheld looks cool, it can, unfortunately, only play Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels, display the time with a Mario-themed clock and finally, also play Game & Watch classic title, Ball, which has been reworked to focus on Mario.

The system itself has been modernized in several ways and includes a new, d-pad and colour LCD screen.

Game & Watch devices were a series of plastic handheld systems Nintendo released throughout the mid-1980s. Nintendo says that it plans to only make and sell a limited number of the $69 Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. handhelds.

Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Game & Watch handheld

Hopefully, if this Game & Watch handheld is a success, Nintendo will decide to release the Game Boy Mini of my dreams.