CRA resumes online services following cyberattack

The agency has implemented new security measures


The Canada Revenue Agency has resumed all of its online services after previously disabling them after being hit with a cyberattack on August 15th.

The passwords and usernames of thousands of users were “acquired fraudulently” and used to try to access government of Canada services during the cyberattack.

Access to all online services resumed Wednesday evening. The agency says that it has implemented changes and modified its security systems to prevent another similar attack from occurring in the future.

Users who were impacted in the breach will receive a letter from the agency detailing steps on how they can restore their account and confirm their identity.

The CRA is also encouraging users to update their accounts and use passwords that they don’t use for any other online account. It’s also recommending ‘My Account’ users to enable email notifications as an added level of security.

The RCMP says it is looking into the cyberattack, and the Privacy Commissioner of Canada is currently monitoring the situation.

Source: The Canadian Press