Ontario researchers examining whether AI can detect COVID-19 in lung ultrasounds

Doctors would essentially be able to connect patients' lung problems to COVID-19 through scans

Researchers at a London, Ontario institute are examining whether artificial intelligence can be used to diagnose COVID-19 through ultrasounds of patients’ lungs.

Global News reports that the Lawson Health Research Institute is looking into whether a trained AI system can diagnose people with the virus by comparing lung ultrasounds scans of COVID-19 patients with scans of healthy people.

The researchers are also training an artificial neural network to discover patterns in ultrasound scans that humans normally wouldn’t be able to detect.

They say that although ultrasound scans have shown that pneumonia caused by the virus has an abnormal imaging pattern, it isn’t necessarily exclusive to COVID-19.

“We’re hoping to establish whether there is a uniqueness to what COVID-19 puts on the lungs as opposed to other similar diseases, whether it be influenza or other causes of pneumonia,” one of the researchers told Global News.

If the researchers are able to find a breakthrough, it would essentially allow doctors to connect patients’ lung problems to COVID-19 quickly without needing to do a regular test.

Source: Global News