Koodo lowers minimum plan cost for Tab Large, Extra Large again

Subscribers can now get Tab Large and Extra Large phones with a minimum $45 per month plan

Koodo just lowered its minimum Tab pricing again.

In January, the Telus flanker brand lowered the minimum plan cost required when getting a new phone with its Tab Large and Extra Large plans. At the same time, it dropped its Extra Extra Large Tab option for new customers.

Now, Koodo has lowered that minimum plan cost again. Tab Large and Tab Extra Large require a minimum $45 per month plan instead of $55 like before.

That means that, whether customers get a Tab Medium, Large or Extra Large device, they can pick a plan between $45 and $75 per month.

However, the Tab costs themselves remain unchanged.

For those unfamiliar with Koodo’s Tab system, it allows customers to place a set amount of the cost of a new phone onto the Tab and pay it off over 24 months.

The different Tabs are listed below:

  • Tab Small — $240 Tab, $10 per month Tab cost
  • Tab Medium — $360 Tab, $15 per month Tab cost
  • Tab Large — $480 Tab, $20 per month Tab cost
  • Tab Extra Large — $720 Tab, $30 per month Tab cost

The Tab cost is added to the monthly plan until the Tab amount is paid in full, then it drops off the monthly bill, and customers can continue paying for the service, get a new phone with a new Tab or leave Koodo if they desire.

All in all, it’s a pretty solid system and, with the new changes, has gotten quite a bit better. Previously, if a customer wanted a more expensive device that needed a Tab Large or higher plan, they were forced to take the $75 per month 10GB plan.

With the change in minimum plan costs for Tab Large and Extra Large, customers have a lot more freedom when it comes to getting the device they want and the plan they want as well.

You can learn more on Koodo’s website.