Microsoft’s dual-screen Surface Duo spotted on Vancouver SkyTrain

The Surface Duo spotted on the SkyTrain matches up with what we've seen before

When Microsoft first unveiled the Surface Neo and Duo foldable tablet and smartphone, it was shocking. There were rumours about the devices, of course, but most were too skeptical to believe in a Surface phone.

However, it’s very much real and, despite being slated for launch in late 2020, a Surface Duo was spotted in Canada.

The dual-screen, foldable Android-powered smartphone turned up on the Vancouver SkyTrain. Twitter user Israel Rodriguez (@yzraeu) saw someone using it on the train and snapped a picture.

In the picture, it appears the Duo user is checking an email on the right screen in what seems to be the dark-mode Gmail app (although it could also be Microsoft Outlook).


On the left screen, you can see the Surface Duo homescreen complete with the app dock along the bottom of the display.

While there isn’t much more in the picture, the device does look to be on par with what we’ve seen of the Duo before. Additionally, the navigation system and general layout of apps also line up with previous information.

As we get closer to the eventual Duo launch, we’ll likely see more of the phone in leaks and spotted in the wild like this.

Source: Twitter