Petro-Canada’s website reveals $0.33 per minute EV charging cost in Ontario

"Pricing is subject to change and may vary per province"

In 2019, Petro-Canada announced its intention to make an electric highway across Canada. Then in December, Petro completed a string of 50 electric vehicles fast-charge stations that stretch across Canada from Nova Scotia to British Columbia.

Since the launch of the EV charging stations, drivers have been able to use these stations for free. However, Petro-Canada’s website said they’d only be free until the new year. Now, Petro’s website reveals that it’s charging $0.33 per minute. This means that a 30-minute charge — the average time that customers need to charge their EV stations either using a CCS or a CHAdeMO connection — costs $9.90.

It’s important to note the below terms and conditions as well.

“Pricing is subject to change and may vary per province. Refer to the screen at each EV charger for the most up-to-date price.”

Tesla’s pricing structure is a bit more expensive, for comparison.

According to the company’s website, it costs $0.44 per minute to charge above 60kW. However, Petro’s CCS connection has the capability to charge up to 350kW at most of the company’s locations, and CHAdeMO can get up to 100kW.

To pay, you’ll need a debit or credit card with tap-enabled, or you can use Google Pay or Apple Pay if your phone features NFC.

Additionally, all plug-in level 3 charging EVs that have either a CCS or a CHADdeMO connection are compatible with Petro’s stations. However, Tesla Model S and X owners will need to use a CHAdeMO adaptor that’s available from Tesla, according to Petro’s website.

Source: Petro Canada