Canada ranks fourth worldwide for mobile download and upload speeds: report

It ranked also 16th for fixed broadband speeds

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Canada has ranked fourth worldwide in terms of mobile download and upload speeds for December 2019, according to Ookla’s latest Speedtest report.

The report says Canada’s average download speed is 70.74Mbps and that its average upload speed is 15.54Mbps. The global average is 32.01Mbps for download speeds, and 12.02Mbps for upload speeds.

South Korea ranked first with 103.18Mbps download speeds and 20.55Mbps upload speeds. Palestine ranked last with 6.17Mbps download speeds and 2.57Mbps upload speeds.

Further, Canada ranked 16th for fixed broadband speeds with 121.51Mbps download speeds and 50.22Mbps upload speeds. The global average for fixed broadband download speeds is 73.58Mbps, along with 40.39Mbps in upload speeds.

Singapore ranked first with 200.12Mbps download speeds and 207.63Mbps upload speeds. Turkmenistan ranked last with 1.71Mbps download speeds and 1.36Mbps upload speeds.

Speedtest by Ookla is a tool that individuals use to measure and test their network speeds on their phones and computers. The company releases a ranking of countries every month.

Source: Speedtest by Ookla