Instagram now lets users include multiple images in one Story post

The feature launched globally but it seems to be a slow rollout

Instagram has implemented a new feature that allows users to include more than one picture on a single screen in a Story.

The feature is called ‘Layout’ and is launching globally, but it looks like it may be a slow rollout. Users can now include up to six photos on a single Story.

Although this is a simple feature, it’ll likely be a popular one because a number of third-party apps offer something similar. You could also previously add multiple pictures by pasting an image into a text box.

Layouts has also potentially killed the need for a third-party app to add multiple images in a picture. This is similar to what the social media giant did with its Boomerang feature and eliminated the need for a gif-making app.

Instagram also recently revealed that politicians are exempt from its fact-checking initiative, which is now expanding globally after first launching in the U.S. Additionally, it also announced that it has created an AI system that can recognize different forms of bullying.

Source: @Instagram