Disney+ app reaches 22 million downloads across Android and iOS: report

There's no word on how many people are actually paying subscribers, though

The Disney+ app has been downloaded 22 million times around the world across Android and iOS, according to a new report from app analytics firm Apptopia.

Breaking it down further, Apptopia says the app has averaged 9.5 million daily users between Android and iOS. Disney+ launched in Canada, the U.S. and the Netherlands on November 12th, with a larger rollout to Australia and New Zealand taking place the following week. On November 26th, Apptopia estimated that 15 million people had downloaded the app in its first two weeks, meaning that the 22 million figure accounts for the service’s first month on the market.

That said, Apptopia only factors in app downloads; there’s currently no data on how many people are using Disney+ through other platforms, like desktop browsers, Amazon Fire TV and gaming consoles.

For now, though, Apptopia says Disney has brought in $20 million USD ($26 million CAD) in revenue from the app. This includes both monthly ($5.99/month in Canada) and yearly ($89.99/month in Canada) subscription fees. For context, Apptopia’s November 26th report stated that the app generated $5 million USD ($6.6 million CAD) in revenue in its first two weeks.

It’s important to note that these are all only estimates provided by a third-party, so a clearer picture of Disney+’s success so far will need to be painted by Disney itself. For its part, the entertainment giant says it won’t disclose Disney+ subscriber counts until it releases its next quarterly earnings report.

As it stands, the exact number of actual paying Disney+ subscribers remains unknown. So far, Disney has only said that 10 million people signed up for the service in its first day. However, a seven-day free trial is available for the service, meaning that there’s no way to extrapolate how many people are now paying for a subscription.

There’s also no current indication of how many people took advantage of U.S.-based carrier Verizon’s free one-year Disney+ membership for those subscribed to some of its wireless packages.

In any case, Disney’s current fiscal quarter ends on December 31st, so official information on Disney+ subscribers will come out at some point early in the new year.

Image credit: Disney

Source: Apptopia