TekSavvy launches cloud PVR feature for customers

You can now download a show on Apple TV and watch it on your iPhone


TekSavvy is rolling out a cloud-based PVR system for its TV offerings.

This new feature works just like a regular PVR system, but instead of storing the content locally it pushes it to the cloud so you can watch it on other devices

TekSavvy’s TV offerings are internet and app-based in general, so adding cloud PVR makes a ton of sense. The TV service is a selection of small and cheap bundles of channels that subscribers can stream on devices like Apple TV, iPad, Android and more.

The service is supplied by hastings Cable Vision, but sold via TekSavvy. Only TekSavvy internet users with a minimum download speed of 15Mbps can subscribe to the TV functionality.

Source: TekSavvy