Tile’s ‘Smart Alerts’ now warns users if they forget an item at home

The beta will be available in December

Tile Sticker

Tile’s Bluetooth trackers are already able to help users find their lost products, but now company is looking to expand that functionality by relaunching ‘Smart Alerts.’

Tile’s new Smart Alerts, which is currently in beta, automatically warns users when they’ve left an item with a tracker in it behind for five minutes. You’ll be able to set ‘safe zones’ so that the tile won’t set off an alarm when you forget your purse at home.

Smart Alerts beta requires a premium subscription, but if you’re forgetful enough, this new feature might be worth it. The premium subscription costs $34.99 CAD for the year. The New Tile Mate is priced at $29.99 CAD, the New Tile Pro costs $39.99 ($74.99 for a two pack), the New Slim is priced at $34.99 and the New Sticker costs $49.99 CAD for a two-pack.

The beta will be available in December.

Source: Tile