Adobe announces new updates coming to Photoshop on iPad

Some of the new features aren't coming until 2020

The Adobe blog has announced more information about Photoshop on iPad.

Before the end of the year, the ability to select subjects is coming to the mobile version of Adobe’s image editing software. Selecting subjects allows the Adobe Sensei AI machine learning to edit objects within a picture.

Cloud documents will also be faster, according to Adobe. Adobe saves incremental changes to Photoshop, so if you update one pixel, it’ll save between iPad, iPhone and desktop immediately. This feature is launching now.

Coming to Photoshop on the iPad is also the ability to ‘Refine Edges,’ which should make softer edge selections on subjects like fur and hair.

Additionally, users will be able to add Curves for tonal adjustment layers. The ability to rotate the canvas to position it for any angle and change the brush sensitivity is also coming.

Adobe has included Lightroom integration to improve the Lightroom workflow on the iPad.

Further, all Adobe Fonts are now available in the mobile app. If you have a Creative Cloud plan, there are 17,000 fonts. Those who use the free option have access to 1,30o fonts.

Source: Adobe Blog