Google creates graveyard of shut down products for spooky season


It’s finally spooky season and to celebrate Halloween’s impending arrival, Google has created a graveyard of old products that no longer exist.

On October 2nd, Dana Fried, a senior tech lead and manager at Google, tweeted a photo of the mini graveyard.

“Not sure whether spooky or just sad?” Fried tweeted.

Each tombstone has different products, including Google Picasa, Google Buzz, Google Reader, Google Wave, Google+, and Orkut.

Image organizing platform Picasa shut down in 2016, its social network Buzz died in 2011 and was taken over by Google+. Of course, Google+ shut down in 2019, while Google Reader passed away in 2013.

Google Wave shut down in 2012, while social networking service Orkut ended service in 2012.

Source: @leftoblique