Canada working on a standard payment method for EV charging

Canada is taking electric vehicles very seriously

The federal government is investing almost $2 million in a Quebec company called Mogile Technologies Inc to improve charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) across the country.

The company currently tracks charging stations in Canada and the U.S.

With the new investment, Mogile Technologies going to develop two new charging infrastructure projects. The first one is a standard payment method for charging stations across the country. The second is designed to reduce peak period demand on the power grid.

The government is investing $861,000 in the first project. The outcome of this is to create a single payment account that all charging stations across Canada can accept. Generally, each EV charger needs the user to download a specific app and then pay for charging through the app. This project would develop a standard to make it easier for people to charge their vehicles. 

The second project is getting a $1.136 million investment. This project is more behind the scenes, but it should help power companies better predict how much energy these stations require. The idea is to track how much power the stations are generally using during peak consumption times and making sure it has enough energy, but not any more than that.

Natural Resources Canada’s Green Infrastructure Program is funding these projects.

Source: Natural Resources Canada