MIT grads have created a triple screen solution for your laptop

You might remember the Razer concept laptop that featured triple monitors called Project Valerie from CES 2017. While we haven’t heard anything from Razer regarding this product, two MIT grads have set out to create a triple screen solution for virtually any laptop on the market.

Meet MobilePixels, a Boston-based team comprised of MIT grads Xiaoliang Yao and Shruti Banda. They received funding by MIT Sandbox, an initiative that promotes students entrepreneurship.

Building on the experiences they’ve gained from their last project DUEX, a dual monitor solution for laptops, the team is now bringing us TRIO, a triple monitor solution for laptops. Currently, the team has more than 1,300 backers and received over $539,000 CAD for the project.

“We’ve listened to your feedback around DUEX, and due to popular demand, we are excited to introduce TRIO and TRIO Pro — our upgraded multi-screen laptop accessory that boosts productivity and allows for efficient multitasking,” says the team on Kickstarter.

According to MobilePixels, TRIO can magnetize to the back of any laptop and is able to expand the screen with up to two additional monitors. It is a solution designed for content creators, gamers, stock traders and coders.

The accessory comes in two sizes. TRIO (12.5’’) is able to fit on 13-14’’ laptops while the TRIO Pro (14’’) is able to fit on 15-15.6’’ laptops.

Users can adjust the 1080p monitors by full 270 degrees rotation. When using two TRIO monitors, users can rotate them 180 degrees to fold into a triangle for presentation mode. The included stand can also let the TRIO to seat vertically and independently from the laptop.

TRIO draws power and video feeds through the included USB-C cable. If you are using a laptop without USB-C, an adapter to USB-A is included. It is a plug and play solution compatible with Mac, Linux, Windows, ChromeOS and Android.

The Boston-based team highlighted some of the problems for users who only use one monitor on their Kickstarter page.

“You lose 10 seconds every 5 minutes toggling between tabs,” says the team. “Productivity increases by 20-30% when using multiple computer displays.”

The idea of DUEX and TRIO came from Yao when he was working at Amazon. Yao was frustrated by the lack of a secondary monitor, which prevented him from working efficiently. He then began to build a laptop monitors from used laptops and turned his personal solution into an entrepreneur idea.

Source: Kickstarter