Telus to launch $75 15GB promotion in response to Rogers’ Infinite plan [Update]

In the wake of Roger’s new unlimited Infinite plans, Telus is providing a promotional offer of 15GB for $75 per month.

According to a statement MobileSyrup received from a Telus spokesperson, the promotional offer will go live tomorrow for new, renewing and existing BYOD customers. You can read the full statement below:

“We’re always making enhancements to our customer experience. Launching tomorrow, we have a promotional offer for new, renewing and existing BYOD customers who can get 10GB for $75 plus 5GB bonus data on Canada’s largest and fastest network with the best customer service.”

The plan will also be available for users looking to get a new phone on contract, but Telus has not yet confirmed subsidized pricing. The $75 per month price is the base cost for BYOD customers.

The offer appears set to compete directly with the base Rogers Infinite plan, but it is important to note that Rogers’ new Infinite plans are not a time-limited promotion. A Telus spokesperson said its promotion will last till July 2nd and the 5GB bonus of high-speed data will end after two years.

Rogers’ new plans offer subscribers 10GB of data at max speed, followed by unlimited data capped at 256Kbps after the 10GB is used up. Subscribers can purchase a ‘Speed Pass’ to add an extra 3GB of max speed data for $15.

While Telus’ plan doesn’t offer unlimited, throttled data, 15GB is a considerable amount of data for many people. If you need more data, Telus offers top-up options of $15 for 500MB, $22 for 1GB or $32 for 2GB of shareable data.

Further, last week, I received a promotional call from Koodo offering to upgrade my $75 10GB plan to $75 for 15GB of data. While there’s no official correlation, the coincidence does raise some questions.

Regardless, it looks like we could be on the verge of another pricing clash like the $60 10GB plans from 2017.

Update 06/13/2019:  Telus’ new $75/month 15GB plans is now live and the carrier notes in the fine print that the “Offer ends July 2, 2019.”