Nearly 60 percent of Canadians believe AI won’t impact their jobs: study

An image of the Canadian flag blowing in the wind against a backdrop of clouds

Fifty-nine percent of Canadian workers believe that artificial intelligence (AI) will not impact their jobs at all, according to a recent study from Robert Half, a research firm.

Only 16 percent of Canadian employees are concerned that AI will negatively impact their lives. On the other hand, 25 percent of workers believe that AI will positively impact their jobs.

More than 300 Canadian business leaders say that one of the major ways that technological advancements will impact jobs is that it will require new skills from employees.

“Professionals and organizations alike need to embrace and stay ahead of these inevitable changes in order to meet business demands and remain competitive,” said David King, senior district president at Robert Half, in a press release.

Ninety percent of managers believe that it will be challenging to get their employees up-to-date with new technologies, while 88 percent of them believe it will be hard to find employees that have the requisite expertise.

The findings from this study come from online surveys developed by Robert Half and conducted by independent research firms. The findings include responses from more than 400 professionals in Canada, and more than 300 managers.

The study did not indicate whether there was a margin of error.

Source: Robert Half