‘Foupon’ is Canada’s 2-in-1 app to save money on food and gas [App of the Week]

With food and gas prices rising, it can be nice to save a little money here and there, especially for people who live in expensive cities like Toronto — and also for broke college students like myself.

Foupon is a Canadian app that helps its users save money on food and gas from a single app. It offers a location-specific list of restaurants that have current deals and promotions. You can save up to $10 on food per day, according to the app.

I find the app pretty useful because I never remember to carry paper coupons. I either leave them at home or misplace them. With this app, you don’t have to worry about carrying actual coupons. Not to mention, it could also potentially help eliminate some forms of paper waste.

If you’re a frequent coupon-user, you can choose to receive notifications every time a new coupon or deal is available.

The app is also pretty easy to use. Once you select a restaurant, it shows you the current promotions. You can scroll down to see how many locations are nearby, and view the distance from your location.

You can view all of the nearby restaurants in a list, or click on the ‘chains’ button to view grouped options. The app then lists restaurants for specific groups like Burgers, Chicken, Coffee & Pastry, Pizza, Pasta, Sub & Sandwich, Ice Cream, Tex-Mex, and Grills & Bars.

Foupon is not only useful for finding deals and coupons for restaurants. It’s also an excellent tool for saving money on gas. The app has a tab that displays gas stations with the current prices displayed next to it.

The app also tells you how far the gas station is from your current location, and provides a map for navigation.

If you want to save a couple of bucks, then Foupon is perfect for you, and it might even help you feel less guilty about spending too much money on food.

The app is free and can be found on the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store.