Lenovo’s Smart Clock inching closer to release

Since the announcement of Lenovo’s Smart Clock earlier this year at CES, the company barely hinted towards its release, until now.

The news comes after Lenovo added pages about the Smart Clock to its support site, which suggests an upcoming release.

Pages have been added to a user guide, FAQs, and a data sheet. The documents suggest that the clock will work similarly to Lenovo’s current 8 and 10-inch smart displays.

The clock features a 4-inch screen with a smart display. This new design is meant to make it easier for users to set an alarm; users will have to swipe left from the home screen to set their alarm.

The Smart Clock costs $79.99 USD (approximately $108 CAD).

This news comes after Droid Life received a statement stating that the Smart Clock would be updated “in the next couple of weeks.”

Potential buyers can expect the Smart Clock to go on sale towards the end of spring.

Source: Android Police