Tim Hortons vows to revamp Roll-Up-The-Rim promotion with new mobile integration

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After reporting a decline in first quarter 2019 revenues, Tim Hortons is looking to revamp its popular Roll-Up-The-Rim promotion with some sort of smartphone integration.

“It’s become clear to us that it needs a modern and fresh approach to engage our guests in a stronger way going forward. A team is working to reboot the program for next year, and that will include a seamless digital integration,” said Alex Macedo, Tim Hortons president, in an interview with the Financial Post. 

Macedo didn’t describe the company’s plans in any further detail. However, it’s easy to imagine how the company might add deep mobile integration.

The brand tried its first mobile addition to Roll-Up in 2013 with the ‘Rockin’ RRRoll Up Roulette’ feature in the old TimmyMe app. This gamble allowed loyal Timmies addicts the opportunity to spin a wheel every 24 hours for a chance to win various prizes, such as free coffee for a year.

Tim Hortons again attempted to go beyond the cup again in 2018 with ‘Scroll-Up-To-Win.’ This mobile sideshow wasn’t as rewarding as the cup-based version but gave everyone an extra chance to win a free coffee or donuts when they ordered through the mobile app.

The 50th anniversary Roll-Up season, with double sided rims to roll, was a celebrated add-on to the promotion that drew increased loyalty from coast-to-coast.

It will be exciting to see whatever the mobile twist is during the upcoming Roll-Up season and if it can help breathe some more life into the brand and the iconic promotion.

The coffee chain’s app seems to be successful since it hasn’t been scamming Canadians and it recently launched a rewards program that makes it easier for Timmies lovers to get a free drink or baked goods.

Source: Financial Post