Twitter is testing new labels for users in conversations


Twitter is testing new labels for users while they’re in a thread to make it easier to follow conversations.

The labels will identify users by author, mention and follow.

The labels don’t appear to have any other function at this point.

It also remains to be seen how widespread this test is or if the labels feature will be implemented for all users at a later date.

However, the labels are the latest effort from Twitter to improve communication on its platform.

At the start of the year, Twitter tested an ‘original Tweeter’ label to let users know who kicked off a conversation.

The following month, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey held a Q&A session with Recode founder Kara Swisher on Twitter. One of Dorsey’s biggest takeaways was that Twitter “needs to make this [conversations] feel a lot more cohesive and easier to follow.”

Most recently, Twitter tested a ‘subscribe’ feature to help users stay up to date on specific conversations.

Via: Engadget