In case relations with U.S. sour Huawei has made backup operating systems


Huawei CEO Richard Yu has confirmed to German publication Die Welt that the company has made its own operating systems for smartphones and computers in case the U.S. prevents it from using the country’s provided technologies.

“We have prepared our own operating system, if it turns out we can no longer use these systems, we will be ready and have our plan B,” Yu said in his interview with the German publication.

With Huawei suing the U.S., it makes sense that the company has created its own plan B.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of the company’s backup OS for Android. Huawei reportedly started working on the operating system when the U.S. began investigations into Huawei and ZTE back in 2012, according to South China Morning Post.

Additionally, the U.S. banned ZTE from receiving exports last year for three months after it caught the company shipping its goods to Iran, making the possibility of the ban even more likely.

Yu said that Huawei would “prefer to work with the ecosystems of Google and Microsoft.” However, it’s ready for the worst.

Huawei creates its own Kirin processor for handsets, so phone-wise the company is set to launch its own smartphones without any help from U.S.-based companies.

However, Huawei uses Intel processors in its Windows laptops, so the company would have to find another chip maker to power its PCs

Source: South China Morning Post, Die Welt