Atlantic Broadband’s TiVo video platform to get Alexa support

Now you can use voice commands as a replacement to remotes

Atlantic Broadband is adding Amazon Alexa functionality to its TiVo-powered video units, Cogeco Communications, the company’s owner, announced last week.

Atlantic Broadband’s TiVo video-platform combines cable programs and streaming services into a TV box.

Amazon Alexa will bring voice commands to the device, allowing users to change channels, pause, rewind and fast-forward programs with their voice.

“This new Amazon Alexa integration with our TiVo-powered video platform combines ease of use with powerful functionality to dramatically elevate the in-home TV entertainment experience for our customers,” said Heather McCallion, Atlantic Broadband’s vice president of products and programming. “Today we’re able to deliver even greater value to our customers through innovative virtual assistant technology.”

Other hands-free functionality includes opening streaming applications such as Netflix and YouTube.

It’s important to note that the TiVo Bolt had Alexa support in July 2018, but that did not extend to Atlantic Broadband’s units.

Source: Atlantic Broadband