Koodo offering up to 5GB of bonus data on select plans

The promotion is available on select BYOP and Tab plans

Telus-owned flanker carrier Koodo now offers bonus promotional data on select plans, following the lead of other carriers.

Koodo’s website now lists several plans as ‘promotional,’ but doesn’t outright state what the promotion is. However, the plans are in line with offerings from other carriers.

For example, Koodo’s promotional $50 per month BYOP plan comes with 4GB of data, 500 Canada-wide minutes, unlimited evenings and weekends and unlimited messaging — the same as both Virgin Mobile’s and Fido’s $50 4GB plan. Virgin and Fido, however, note that the plan typically offers 1GB of data and the current promotion adds 3GB to the total.

MobileSyrup has reached out to Koodo to confirm the details of the promotion.

Also, like the other carriers, Koodo will give you a 5GB bonus on its 10GB plan — if you’re willing to put out the $115 or $120 per month needed, depending on the calling package you pick.

Additionally, these promotions extend across Koodo’s tabs, so you can get bonus data whether you bring your own phone (BYOP) or get one from the carrier.

If you get a phone from Koodo, you can pick a ‘Tab’ amount, ranging from Small to Extra Extra Large.

Tab Small and Medium add $10 per month and $15 per month to the BYOP plan cost, which covers part of the cost of a new device. Going back to the $50 plan mentioned above, you’d pay either $60 per month on Tab Small or $65 per month on Tab Medium, and get $240 off or $360 off the phone respectively. Koodo designed the Tab so that you pay it off using that extra ‘Tab Cost’ in 24 months — or two years. Once paid off, your plan price goes back down to the regular level: $50 per month.

Tab Large, Extra Large and Extra Extra Large work similarly, but start at an $80 per month plan. The Tab cost is $20 per month for a $480 discount, $30 per month for a $720 discount or $40 per month for a $960 discount.

To put all that in perspective, if you bought a Samsung Galaxy S10 on a Tab Extra Large plan, you’d pay $520 up front for the phone, plus $30 per month Tab (at the end of two years, that’s $720). That comes to $1,240 — a little under what you’d pay for an S10 outright. You’d also pay $80 per month minimum for your plan, so your monthly bill would be $110 per month with 4GB of data and unlimited Canada-wide calling and texting. At the end of your term, that goes down to $80 per month.

The prices listed may vary by province.

Virgin Mobile, Fido, Bell, Rogers and Telus are all running data promotions right now. Most offer up to 5GB of bonus data, but Rogers offers a 5GB bonus per line if you activate two lines for 10GB total, and Telus offers double your data on select plans.

You can learn more about Koodo’s offerings here.