Canada Post app on iOS now syncs with iCloud

Tracking Canada Post packages on iOS is easier now

The Canada Post app on iOS now uses Apple’s iCloud to sync delivery status updates across Apple devices.

The update is rolling out today, and it makes it easier for users with multiple Apple devices to track their packages without re-entering the tracking number.

The feature is on by default but users can disable it in their phone’s iCloud settings.

Every time a user checks the tracking details on one of their connected iOS devices, it should update the information on the others.

This update should be convenient for Apple Watch users since it should make it easier for the watch to grab the tracking information from iCloud.

Other updates to the app state that it shouldn’t sign users out when they close the app anymore, plus it improved the ‘Find a Rate’ and ‘Find a Post Office’ sections, according to the app’s update notes.

Source: Canada Post app Via: iPhone in Canada