Huawei Canada reported $428 million sales revenue in 2018

Chinese media angry with Canada

Huawei Canada revealed its 2018 sales revenue in the country amounting to $428 million USD (about $566 million CAD), the company’s global chairman said during a recent press round table.

Liang Hua said that total included telecom carrier business and consumer defined business.

Talking through a translator and to 18 reporters from different media outlets, Liang said that number broke down to about $270 million USD (about $357 million CAD) of sales revenue from its telecom business and about $150 million USD ($198 million CAD) from its consumer device business in the Canadian market.

This would be the first time Huawei Canada reported any of its numbers in Canada, considering the company has been in the country since 2008 and began selling devices in 2016.

The first major phone the company released in Canada was the Nova Plus in 2016, followed by the P10 in 2017 and the P20 in 2018.

Last year Huawei also launched the Mate 20, its flagship phone.

It’s been rumoured for a few weeks now that the Chinese telecommunications equipment company will launch the P30 in Paris next month and in a couple of days, that it will reveal 5G-capable smartphone with a foldable display at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The company has close ties and a partnership with Bell and Telus to deploy 3G and 4G Long-Term Evolution (LTE) mobile networks.

This was the first time Liang came to Canada to speak with reporters. The chairman spoke openly about the company’s relationship with Canada, how it plans to grow, and what would happen if the federal government were to ban the company from supplying 5G network equipment.