Google’s next Home device will reportedly have a seven-inch touchscreen

The first smart display to come to Canada might be Google's Home Hub

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The website MySmartPrice is reporting that Google’s next Home device will be a seven-inch smart display to compete with the Amazon Echo Show.

The site got its hands on two renders of the device in white, and four pages of the device’s features.

The device is reportedly called the Google Home Hub, and the renders show off the front and back of the device. The device has a similar design to the regular Home. It’s a simple white plastic touchscreen mounted to a stand that’s covered in the same cloth as the Google Home Max.

A sheet of product information leaked as well and it mentions that there is a Charcoal-coloured variant. As well, it seems likely that it will have black bezels to match the Charcoal stand.

The smart display is rumoured to be in stores leading up to the holiday season, and an earlier report claimed that Google was building three million devices, so there’s a solid chance it will launch in Canada.

The information list also reveals some of the device’s features. Connecting a Nest Cam to the Home Hub allows users people to request functions like, “hey Google, show me the front door camera,” and the Hub can show the camera’s video feed.

The Hub also reportedly has Google Photos integrations. Users can ask to see pictures from their recent trip and they’ll appear on the display. A new Photos feature called Live Albums lets users create a slideshow of their pictures like a digital picture frame.

The device information sheet mentions that it does something called high-performance streaming because it supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi networks. It’s unclear what this means since it’s unlikely that the Hub has a 4K display. It also supports some form of Bluetooth so it can connect and control Bluetooth speakers.

On the front, the device has an ambient light sensor but no front-facing camera. MySmartPrice also noted that they couldn’t find any webcam-related specs, so it seems that the device won’t have a camera.

There’s no hard release date or pricing information yet, but Google is holding an event on October 9th to reveal its new Pixel devices, so we could learn more about the hub then.

Image credit: MySmartPrice

Source: MySmartPrice