Tesla now charges extra for every colour option besides default black

The company makes another move in order to sustain its rapid growth

Tesla Model 3 red and grey

Tesla always seems to be on the hunt for new ways to improve its production process, and now the company has decided to stop mass producing some colours to “simplify manufacturing.”

Elon Musk tweeted on September 11th that Tesla is moving two of seven colour options “off [the] menu.” The two colours will still be available via special request but consumers will need to pay more.

The two colours are ‘Obsidian Black and ‘Metallic Silver.’

Currently, on the Tesla’s Canada website, it costs an extra $2,000 CAD to order a Model 3 in Obsidian Black, though that’s still cheaper than the $2,600 CAD it costs to order a vehicle in the Red Multi-Coat option. At the moment, the only colour option that doesn’t cost extra is Solid Black.

The move makes sense for Tesla since it’s often trying a few new strategies to improve its sales and production numbers to sustain growth and keep its stockholders happy.

Source: CNBC