Some Tesla Model 3s are being delivered to Canadians right away

It may not be the car trim you wanted, but it can be yours right away


Tesla is working with a new sales strategy, offering some drivers a new rear-wheel drive (RWD) Model 3 for immediate delivery, according to Engadget.

The U.S.-based electric vehicle manufacturer is trying to pad out its sales numbers by sending Model 3s off the lot as quickly as possible.

The company is reportedly emailing reservation-holders in Canada and the U.S. to offer them a car immediately, rather than placing them on a two-month-long waiting list.

The catch is that customers might not receive the specific Model 3 that they intended to buy when they placed their deposit.

While the company initially started offering the RWD Model 3s to day one reservation-holders, Electrek reported that Tesla has since expanded its program to include more recently placed orderers as well.

At this point, day one reservation-holders are mainly people that are waiting for the company’s long-promised $35,000 USD Model 3.

These offers are based on a first-come-first-served basis, so even if Tesla offered you a car and you took a day to make up your mind, there’s a chance it won’t be available anymore.

Tesla has been building batches of RWD Model 3s that weren’t pre-ordered, so it seems that it was banking on selling some trims right off the lot for a while.

This is good news for users who want to get a Tesla but who don’t want to wait.

It still isn’t the $35,000 USD Model 3 that was promised, but if Tesla is going to start selling Model 3s using traditional automotive retail methods, maybe it’s getting closer to finding a way to start making the $35,000 version feasible.

Source: Electrek Via: Engadget