Fortnite v5.30 Android update improves driving controls and adds ‘Rift-To-Go’ item


The first major update for the Android version of Fortnite has dropped, bringing a number of notable improvements to the popular battle royale game.

Version 5.30 fixes include adjustments to Turbo Building not being interrupted when switching structure types, along with players now being tasked with selecting a ‘preferred fire mode’ before entering matchmaking.

Other updates include fixes to the Android version of Fortnite’s sometimes wonky driving mechanics. The correct controls are now displayed on-screen for the ATK vehicle’s controls, as well. Other updates include camera jitter fixes and graphical glitches, according to the patch notes.

The final notable addition is Fortnite’s ‘Rift-to-Go’ item, allowing players to create a Rift anywhere on the game’s map in order to teleport into the air and take down their opponents from above.

It’s worth noting that the Rift To Go item is extremely rare, but can be found in chests, through supply drops, by looting llamas and in vending machines, according to Epic. Further, players can only carry two Rift-To-Go items simultaneously.

Given that the Android beta Fortnite isn’t available directly in the Google Play Store, the process for downloading the game is a little more complicated than most games. Luckily, we have a simple guide explaining how to currently download Fortnite for Android.

You can view the entire Fortnite version 5.30 patch notes here.

Via: 9to5Google