Google is testing Assistant integration within Android Messages

Google Assistant will soon try to help users mid-conversation

Google has been updating Messages quite a bit lately, and the Mountain View search giant now seems ready to bring Google Assistant integration to Android’s default text messaging platform.

A recognized developer named ‘Quinny899’ on XDA Developers first found this feature. An XDA writer backs up the claim, since he’s running the feature on his phone too.

Assistant is being added to Messages in a pretty subtle way, according to this report. When a user mentions the weather or dinner in a conversation, for example, Assistant pops up with the forecast or some nearby restaurants.

The feature seems limited, but once it starts rolling out and being used more widely, it’s likely that Google will continue to add more functionality. There might even be more trigger words available right now, but it’s unclear what they are specifically.

One of Google’s many other messaging apps, Allo, featured Assistant integration, but since the app never took off, Google has been forced to port the functionality over to Messages.

Google has also announced a new SMS replacement platform called Chat. This platform works by using rich communication services (RCS) to create a better messaging experience on Android. RCS supports read receipts, full-resolution images, videos and group messages.

Google can make its apps work with Chat, but it’s up to the carriers to implement the standard on their networks. It’s important to note that Chat isn’t a new messaging app, but an amalgamation of Google’s RCS efforts.

When Google announced the rise of Chat, it also took time to more-or-less bury Allo.

Since then, a number of formerly Allo-exclusive features — like smart replies and a cross-platform Messages web app — have made their way to Android Messages.

It’s quite refreshing to see Google commit to one app. It makes it easier to make sure you’re using the most up-to-date app, since the search giant often has one or two competing apps out at the same time.

Source: XDA Developers